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Abul Ulai Kotha Ghor (Please put your real name, password no need to chat!)

Hazrat Syedna Shah Ameer Abulula Akbarabadi Naqshbandi Rahmatullah Alaihe was a Sufi saint of the Naqshbandi order in India. He exposed the religion Islam during the period of the Moghul emperor Jahangir, and his shrine is located in Agra. He married the daughter of his spiritual master, Hazrat Syedna Abdullah Ahrari Naqshbandi, who was also his uncle. He was also the nephew of Faizi and Abu al-Fazl ibn Mubarak. The "Abul Ulai" sub lineage of the Naqshbandi order is named after him and is one of the major sub lineages in South Asia. Now it has become very acceptable in various countries in the world. In Bangladesh the believers gather at 2, Ali Neki Dewri Lane, Satrawza, Dhaka-1100 to show their respect and belief. The name of the pioneer of this holy order in Bangladesh is Hazrat Syed Shah Muhammad Siddique Rahmatullah Alaihe (Alahuzur). 
After him the Silsila (Order) is successfully running on by the great saints Hazrat Syed Shah Muhammad Faruq Rahmatullah Alaihe (Huzur-e-Ala), Hazrat Syed Shah Muhammad Osman Gani Rahmatullah Alaihe (Sarkar-e-Ala). And now Hazrat Syed Shah Muhammad Sohail Qadri Abul Ulayee(Alasarkar) is teaching the spiritual lesson to the believers. And the essence of Tarikaye Abul Ulaiya is spreading day by day in the world.